David Cormican

David Cormican

February 12, 2020

“ Kyla is such an incredibly thorough person. Her work is exceptional and is matched in her work ethic. Her ability to finish tasks through to completion is admirable. I also appreciate how detailed and timely her communication and emails are. I never lacked for a status update as to where she was at in terms of her own progress. Her questions to better understand tasks at hand were targeted and insightful and demonstrate a keen level of comprehension and passion to perform the work. Once set to a task, the level of research she performs on each task is beyond impressive. Her mood boards ensure accuracy in terms of your results hoped for, but also historical or contextual accuracy as well in terms of the final output. I highly endorse Kyla’s graphic design skills and talent and would be happy to speak further to her apprenticeship, the work completed and her demeanour.”

-David Cormican, President & Co-Founder of Don Carmody Television Inc.

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