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How The Eisenhower Principle can Help you Find Time to Focus on Building Your Brand & Creating

June 3, 2019

Time is one of the biggest barriers between us & getting our work done. We constantly struggle to find the time to create, build our brand and relish in our social lives. Some days we wake

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An Introduction to SEO, Keywords & How to Get Your Work Seen

May 13, 2019

As creatives in the entertainment industry, we tend to focus more of our time on the creation of our works rather than how we are going to get our work seen. However, it’s important not

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What the Hell is Digital Marketing & the Essentials Terms You Need to Know

April 8, 2019

As members of the entertainment industry, not only do we have to be exceptional at our trade, we also have to be great digital marketers. As creative individuals, this can be difficult as the more

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