Q & A: Neotraditional Country Singer-Songwriter Taylor Glasheen Discusses Her Brand-New Single, “When She Drinks” and Her Upcoming Sophomore Album

Today, Phoenix-born neotraditional country singer-songwriter Taylor Glasheen has released her brand-new single, “When She Drinks” in honour of Pride Month. The single also comes ahead of her upcoming sophomore album, which will be out later this year.

Recently, I spoke with Glasheen about her artistry, her latest single, her upcoming album and more.

Kyla Pearson: For those who are unfamiliar with you and your music, can you share with us how you got your start? What inclined you to pursue country music, and the neo-traditional route specifically?

Taylor Glasheen: I’ve been surrounded by music from a very young age. It was very common to find me sitting on my dad’s knee as a kid strumming the guitar strings while he held down chords, and singing along to our favorite tune. I’ve always loved the stories that are painted through country music and feel it brings a great community to the people. 

Featured: Neotraditional country singer-songwriter, Taylor Glasheen.

Kyla Pearson: What is the primary message you want to share via your music? Why is this message important to you?

Taylor Glasheen: I hope to inspire people and make them feel less alone through song. Life has it’s little ups and downs, and it’s important to reflect, rejoice, and wonder on any given moment. Maybe even stomp your feet if you feel inclined.

Kyla Pearson: On June 14th, you’re set to release your latest single, “​​When She Drinks” in honour of Pride Month. Can you tell us a bit more about the track, as well as the songwriting and recording process behind it? Why did you select this song specifically in honour of Pride Month?

Taylor Glasheen: “When She Drinks” is a tune that I wanted to write about the hilarity of being a lesbian woman in a world of women who have a newfound lifestyle when they drink. It’s supposed to be light-hearted, and I think it comes across that way whenever I play it live for a crowd and hear the laughter in the room rise throughout the song.

Kyla Pearson: According to you, what is the ideal setting for fans to listen to the song in order to fully experience it?

Taylor Glasheen: That’s a good question. I’d say anywhere they’d like and often. I’ll leave it up to the folks to decide when they see fit.

Kyla Pearson: You’re also set to release your second LP later this year. Can you tell us a bit more about the album as a whole and what fans can expect?

Taylor Glasheen: I went out to Nashville and recorded my second album with Jordan Lehnning at The Duck. Jordan and I recorded my first album, Tip Me a Dollar back in 2022 and made something really special with Laur Joamets on guitar, Kevin Black on bass, and Robbie Crowell on percussion and keys. I wanted to make sure I had all of the same session players from the original and work on making this second album an appropriate follow-up to my first. We all work really well together and was really thrilled to get to work with them again for the upcoming album.

Featured: Neotraditional country singer-songwriter, Taylor Glasheen.

Kyla Pearson: Given this is your second full-length album since you released Tip Me A Dollar in 2022, how would you say it demonstrates your growth as an artist since?

Taylor Glasheen: Since writing Tip Me a Dollar, I’ve done my first solo tour, travelled all over the United States, met quite a few folks, and went through a delightful breakup (sarcasm). The songs practically wrote themselves honestly.

Kyla Pearson: Lastly, do you have any upcoming shows where fans can hear you play “When She Drinks” Live?

Taylor Glasheen: I do! I am playing June 14th and 15th during Bisbee Pride, and will also be opening for my good friends of Thelma and the Sleaze at The Dirty Drummer on June 22nd.

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