Q & A: Kalsey Kulyk on Her Latest Album, Outlaw Poetry and Her New Music Video for “Heaven, Are You Listening?”

If you’re searching for an artist with an authentic presence who’s incredibly passionate about what she does, then look no further than Canadian country singer/songwriter, Kalsey Kulyk.

This past February, the singer-songwriter released her Factor-funded album, Outlaw Poetry– a vulnerable record that explores the highs & lows of life through poetic lyricism and tried & true country storytelling. 

Recently, I spoke with Kalsey about her latest album, the new music video for her moving track, “Heaven, Are You Listening?” and more.

Kyla Pearson: This past February, you released your brand-new album, Outlaw Poetry. Consisting of 9 tracks, the project explores the highs and lows of life. Can you tell us a bit more about the album?

Kalsey Kulyk: This truly is the album I’ve wanted to release for a very long time! I started working on these songs back in 2018 in Nashville when I truly discovered my sound and what I wanted to say as an artist. I really wanted to connect with people on all sorts of levels. Heartbreak, sadness, love, loss, happiness and good times. I think there’s a song on this record for everyone. 

Kyla Pearson: You also have writing credits on each of the tracks on the album– all of which feature vulnerable storytelling and poetic lyricism. Were these tracks written specifically for the album or ones you selected from previous writes? Can you tell us a bit more about your songwriting process? What was co-writing with your fellow songwriters like?

Kalsey Kulyk: These songs are a culmination of me knowing myself and my sound as an artist over the years. Where I truly was writing for the artist I wanted to be and am. A lot of times songwriting for me is a feeling, phrase or word I connect with and relate to that I feel could be relatable for others. All the writers on this record are extremely talented songwriters that I jive really well in the room with. Every song that has other writers on it was a truly enjoyable and emotional experience that I will never forget.

Featured: Offical cover art for Kalsey Kulyk's latest album, Outlaw Poetry.

Kyla Pearson: In many ways, this record is re-introducing you, your music and your artistic direction to the world. That said, how would you say the album sets the stage for what’s to come? What do you hope fans take away from it?

Kalsey Kulyk: This album definitely reintroduces me and my sound. This is always where I wanted to go as an artist and how I dreamed my sound would be for a really long time– I’m so grateful everyone involved could execute it. I think for future releases, everyone can just expect more of this album’s vibe and feel. More songs to connect with, relate to and crank up loud to sing along with

Kyla Pearson: Last June, you released “Love Me Like an Outlaw” as one of the singles leading up to the album’s release–which you waited 5 years before doing so. Presently, the track has surpassed 2M+ digital streams, with over 306K+ streams on Spotify alone. It was also said to be “The most successful song release of your career”. Was there a reason you held on to the song for so long before releasing it? How does it feel to finally have the song out in the world after all this time and with such a successful reception from your fans?

Kalsey Kulyk: Well, mostly because when I wrote the song I was signed to a record deal that had control over the songs I was able to release. I loved this song the day we wrote it and knew that one day I would release it. It was just a matter of time. Now that it’s out in the world and is having so much success, I feel so proud! Proud of myself for never giving up on this song and proud to have surrounded myself with an incredible group of people who get what I’m doing as an artist and are here to support it. I’m also extremely grateful for the fans for loving this song as much as I do! 

Kyla Pearson: On April 10th, you released the official music video for the very moving album track, “Heaven, Are You Listening?”. In the music video, you are seen having a conversation (through the song) alone with God within a church. This adds a deeper layer of meaning and intimacy to the track. Was this your initial vision for the music video, or one that developed over time and you worked on with your team? Do you have a personal connection to this specific location?

Kalsey Kulyk: This song was written really as a personal experience. It truly was a conversation I was having with God at a time where I felt lost with no direction. I’ve felt like this a time or two in my life before and I definitely know people who have felt this way. It was a song that was meant for me, but ended up being on the record. I’m so grateful for the inspiration and the feedback I’ve gotten so far on it. The music video was definitely the vision we had for the song. I don’t have connection to this specific location… but when I saw it, I knew it was the perfect location for the video! 

Featured: Country singer/songwriter, Kalsey Kulyk.

Kyla Pearson: In relation to the last question, what was it like on-set and bringing your vision to life?

Kalsey Kulyk: I definitely had an emotional reaction filming this music video. There were times throughout it when I was singing and feeling every word I wrote, where tears fell from my eyes. It was a very healing and spiritual experience to film this video. 

Kyla Pearson: Do you have any upcoming shows where fans can hear you play the tracks off of Outlaw Poetry live?

Kalsey Kulyk: This summer is going to be filled with shows across Canada! I’m so excited to be playing at the Calgary Stampede, Boots and Hearts, the Boxcar Music Festival, Bow Valley Boot Stomp and more that haven’t been announced yet! It’s going to be a very busy summer! 

See Kalsey Kulyk Perform Live:

July 11th, 2024  – Calgary Stampede (Nashville North) – Calgary, AB

July 20th, 2024 – Bow Valley Boot Stomp – Cochrane, AB

July 27th, 2024 – Boxcar Country Music Festival – St. John’s, NL

August 9th, 2024 – Boots and Hearts – Burl’s Creek, ON

Outlaw Poetry Official Tracklist:

1.“Love Me Like an Outlaw” (David Corley, Kalsey Kulyk, Mark Addison Chandler)*

2.“Blame It on a Man” (Channing Wilson, Kalsey Kulyk, Oran Thornton)*

3. “Dontcha” (Kalsey Kulyk, Rick Huckabee, Tammi Kidd)*

4. “Hand-Me-Down Purse” (Dustin Christensen, Kalsey Kulyk, Luke Preston)+

5. “Big Deal” (Jeff Garrison, Kalsey Kulyk, Rocky Block)*

6. “Bad Thoughts” (David Borys, Eric Ethridge, Kalsey Kulyk)*

7. “Ain’t Enough Whiskey” (Kalsey Kulyk, Scott Lindsey, Troy Johnson)*

8. “Better Think Twice” (Channing Wilson, Kalsey Kulyk)*

9. “Heaven, Are You Listening?” (Kalsey Kulyk)*


*Produced by Bart McKay

+Produced by Dustin Christensen

Listen to Outlaw Poetry Now:

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