REVIEW: Devin Cooper’s What You Don’t Know (2am Version)

Last September, multiple CMAB award-nominated country artist Devin Cooper released a brand-new, stripped-down version of his southern rock/country tune, “What You Don’t Know”. As he shares in a press release,

“I’m so proud of the song that we wrote and I wanted to showcase the pure vulnerability we captured in it with a stripped down version. I’ve always loved how a raw vocal and a piano can tell a story, sometimes better than a fully produced version of a song” (Cooper, PR team).

Featured: Official cover art for Devin Cooper's single, "What You Don't Know (2AM Version).

Co-written by Alee Adamoski, Andrew Peebles and Devin himself, “What You Don’t Know” tells the story of someone who’s lost the girl they love and the hell that comes with it. Within the song, Devin sings of post-breakup thoughts including wondering where she is now, if she misses him and hiding how he truly feels from his friends.

In the 2am Version, Devin’s vocals take centre stage, only backed by the baby grand piano. This adds a new layer of intimacy to the track, with raw emotion delivered with each note. Moreover, this version does a good job of capturing what it’s like to be awake in the still of the night with thoughts running through your mind.


Devin is one of the hardest-working artists you’ll come across in the industry. Release to release, his growth as an artist and songwriter is evident– “What You Don’t Know (2am Version)” is no exception. Not to mention, he’s not an artist who needs to rely on production, bells & whistles to deliver a solid track– his voice paired with a guitar or a piano will get him just as far (as is evident in his live rounds and IG Livestreams if you’ve had a chance to catch one). 

So if you’re getting over a breakup, grab your headphones and give this one a listen. You can also listen to Devin’s most recent release, “She’s My Religion” HERE.

Listen to “What You Don’t Know (2am Version)” Now:

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