2022 IN REVIEW: Olivia Rose on Her Single, “Truck Boi”

Hailing from Elk Point, Alberta is pop-country singer-songwriter, Olivia Rose. For those unfamiliar with Olivia, she’s a 2x Edmonton Music Awards’ Rising Star award-winner and has previously opened for country music heavy-hitters such as Brett Kissel, Meghan Patrick and Paul Brandt. Her music has also seen success on both country radio and streaming platforms. Most notably, her 2019 single “Put It Like That” was added to CBC Country/Sirius XM’s regular rotation and surpassed 128K+ streams on Spotify.

In July of 2022, she released her latest single “Truck Boi”– a song she shares is about a hypothetical “Country f-boy who only cares about his supped-up truck and getting ladies” (Rose, Olivia).  A song that resonated with her fans, as it has amassed 48K+ streams on Spotify alone.

Truck Boi was co-written by Olivia, Elias James and Rich Cloke. A few months later, she took the song to Velveteen Studios to record the audio.  The song was then produced by Father Bobby Townsend in Edmonton, AB. This was the first time she was able to collaborate with a producer who involved her in the creative process/direction of the track– highlighting that the inclusion of the guitar in the song’s intro was her idea.

According to Olivia, the ideal setting to fully experience the song is, “Listening fully cranked up in your car, scream singing your chorus!”(Rose, Olivia). So grab your girlfriends, and hit the road!

While she’s proud of the single, there have been a lot of artistic changes and growth between the songs she’s writing now and “Truck Boi”. As she explains,

“A lot of people don’t see, especially if you are just a fan, that things are planned so far out that it’s hard to keep up with how much you’ve grown. By the time you release the next song, you feel like you’re a different person” (Rose, Olivia).

One thing that has remained the same, is her focus on storytelling and creating characters within her songs–a stylistic choice that was influenced by her idols, Hailey Whitters and Taylor Swift.

Moving forward, she’s eager to be back in the studio and start another project. So stay tuned for all she has in store!

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