REVIEW: ERNEST Embarks on New Chapter with His Latest Single, “Kiss Of Death”

Celebrated country singer/songwriter ERNEST is bringing an end to his Flower Shops chapter with his brand-new single, “Kiss Of Death”– A sultry song that speaks of a romantic entanglement that is far from your storybook romance. As the Nashville-native shares in a press release,

“I’m digging deeper into some of the stuff I was cutting my teeth on as a real young kid with a banjo and a dream,” ERNEST shares. “The folk/bluegrass influences that I absorbed from such a young age…. I’ve been playing ‘Kiss Of Death’ and some other new ones on the road already, and seeing our crowd’s reactions to the new music is priceless” (ERNEST, PR team).

Featured: Official cover art for ERNEST's latest single, "Kiss Of Death". Courtesy Of Big Loud Records.

Written by Andy Albert, Ryan Vojtesak and ERNEST himself, the track illustrates a passionate connection with a cold-hearted woman who has an inexplicable power over him. As he sings in the chorus,

“Cause I feel like dancin’ with the devil

Take my heart and rip it out my chest

When I’m with you, I’m good as gone, girl

My angel in a fire-red dress

My kiss of death” (ERNEST 0:29-0:49)

Here, he paints a picture of intense chemistry, but no heartwarming romance. Founded on lust, it’s all bound to come to an end as quickly as it started– but it’s a risk he’s willing to take.

The lyrics throughout the track are strong, poetic and chock-full of visual imagery. Ernest has a way of setting up a story in his songs that is both captivating and concise, without the addition of unnecessary filler. “Kiss Of Death” is no exception.

In terms of sound, the song boasts a fast-paced tempo. It features an instrumental arrangement that consists of the banjo, pedal steel, and guitar, all of which highlight the folk/bluegrass influences that were absent in Flower Shops. Overall, “Kiss Of Death” is an easy listen. It’s a well-put-together track that generates intrigue for what’s to come.

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