Q & A: Kassandra Clack Discusses Her Single, “Short Cut”, off Her Debut EP, Trippin’ In Heels

Vancouver-based pop-country artist Kassandra Clack is in need of a “Short Cut” with her latest single off her debut 6-track EP, Trippin’ In Heels.

Recently, I spoke with Kassandra about the single, digital entrepreneurship and more.

Kyla Pearson: For those who are unfamiliar with you and your music, can you tell us a bit about your path to pursuing a career as a country singer-songwriter? Why country music?

Kassandra Clack: I grew up listening to country music and very quickly found my voice through writing music and performing. I was hooked and knew this was my jam. When I was 10 years old I started writing songs and my Mom got me in with the local music studio to get them recorded. She is my biggest supporter. I’ve been writing and recording ever since!

Kyla Pearson: What is the primary message you want to share through your music? Why is this message important to you?

Kassandra Clack: There are so many parts to each and every one of us and we deserve to honour those parts. I have been working for years on the integration of all of my parts (Thank you to me therapist) and it has been so delightful to get to meet all of these different parts of myself. My hope is that his record will invite the listener to welcome and fall in love with even one new part of themselves.

Featured: Pop-country artist, Kassandra Clack. PC: Liz Rosa.

Kyla Pearson: On April 7th, you released your pop-country single, “Short Cut”. The song speaks of someone who knows the grind inside and out but is looking for a shortcut to catch a break. Can you tell us a bit about the songwriting/recording process that went into making the song?

Kassandra Clack: I think we’re really all living in a space of exhaustion and so that when I went into this writing session, I literally said ‘ How can I say to them, like, I hope for you today that you have enough Starbucks reward stars to redeem for yourself today’ and the other ladies writing it with me were like ‘ why don’t you just say that?’  We really wanted to make the listener feel understood in their everyday  juggle and pace of life.

Kyla Pearson: With the pandemic and social media being a central part of our lives now more than ever, we’ve witnessed a spike in online businesses, content creators and creatives. As a woman with an entrepreneurial spirit yourself and a content creator, what is one piece of advice you’d give to someone just getting their start? What is the most challenging aspect of it all?

Kassandra Clack: Oh my goodness, what a question! The biggest challenge of my experience building my social media would be getting into a groove and still striking balance and harmony surrounding that! We can get so caught up in the comparison on the ‘scroll’ and it ain’t productive. Sure, it’s a good idea to keep current and it’s a space where I love to cheer on my tribe in their projects and endeavours. However, people really have full teams for that so keep that in mind and let yourself off the hook! Continue to be aligned with what you enjoy because that is the only thing that will cut through the noise and speak to your genuine audience. Create only what you love, schedule what you can and let yourself off the hook!  Oops! I think that was more than one!

Featured: Official cover art for Kassandra Clack's debut EP, Trippin' In Heels. PC: Feisty Creative.

Kyla Pearson: According to you, what is the ideal setting for fans to listen to the song? What do you hope fans get out of the song?

Kassandra Clack: Fans and members of my tribe can enjoy the record and content anywhere from driving in the car so I hope these songs offer a space of comfort and relatability for people to feel that they are seen and that they are not alone in this juggle of contemporary life.

Kyla Pearson: You’re set to release the official music video for the song this June. Can you tell us a bit more about your creative vision for it?

Kassandra Clack: This June we are dropping a brand new series of tracks off the record. ‘We’re calling them ‘In Rare Form’.

This was a vision my team and I had while mapping out the release of the record and what was going to be engaging and an effective follow-up to the record dropping. I wanted something completely different to show up for you to click on. Like an acoustic/stripped-down version but something that bordered also of what could be expected in a live show. I wanted to offer something outside the box for my listeners to follow up on some of their favourite tracks on the album.

Kyla Pearson: What is one goal you hope to achieve with your music by the end of the year?

Kassandra Clack: If I am able to attain 5,250.000 streams in digital stores, I’d be eligible for an additional threshold of funding that would give me the opportunity to tour, market and release more music videos and songs to the radio! 

Kyla Pearson: Do you have any upcoming shows where fans can hear you play “Short Cut” live?

Kassandra Clack: Yes! Follow me on socials for upcoming show announcements!!

Kyla Pearson: Lastly, do you have anything you'd like to share with your fans?

Kassandra Clack: Thank you SO much for listening to my new music and getting to know a bit more about me. I really want to know more about my listeners and any way that I am able to be your cheerleader! Let me know how I can support and lift you up online!

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