Multi-Platinum Recording Artist Jake Owen Releases 4 New Songs Ahead of Upcoming Album, Loose Cannon-Set for June 23rd

Jake Owen is bringing the summer heat with his upcoming album, Loose Cannon. Featuring 16 neo-traditional country tracks written by several of Nashville’s heavy-hitting songwriters & artist-songwriters alike, the much-anticipated project will demonstrate Jake’s growth as an artist. As he shares in a press release,

“I can’t wait to share this new wave of music with my fans,” shares Owen. “This album is a long time coming and feels like the best version of me. Grab your buddies, put the boat in the water, pour a cold one out, and we’ll catch y’all out on the lake. It’s the best time of year and we’re ready to celebrate.” (Jake Owen, PR Team)

Featured: Multi-platinum recording artist, Jake Owen. PC: Daniel Chaney.

Ahead of its June 23rd release, the multi-platinum recording artist has released 4 singles off the album: “Hot Truck Beer”, “Nothing”, “Solo Solo” and “On The Boat Again.” Keep reading for a closer look at each of these songs.

Hot Truck Beer

Hot Truck Beer is a song that reflects on past choices made in one’s youth and how one has grown since. As Jake sings, “ I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t think like I did back then // Seventeen somewhere in between who I was and who I am”. Furthermore, it’s not sung from a place of regret—instead, he reminisces fondly on a chapter closed and lessons learned. After all, teenhood is a time when people are learning about themselves and becoming who they are, in a world that’s full of opinions in regard to who you should be.

Solo Solo

Solo Solo is a drink-to-get-over-losing-the-one song. The song also features a lyrical play on the house party staple: a red Solo cup. As he sings, “Sippin on a Solo solo // feelin’ pretty high, but I’m down low“, acknowledging the protagonist’s newfound single status as he throws one back. Beyond the lyrics, there’s no sadness to be found in this upbeat breakup track. Making this the perfect song to crank up if you need to get over someone this season.


Nothing opens with the instantly recognizable whistle from The Andy Griffith Show theme song, otherwise known as “The Fishing Hole” by Earle Hagen and Herbert Spencer. A choice that older listeners will appreciate, as they recall the heartwarming hit show of the ‘60s (currently feeling nostalgic). In addition, the sample sets the stage for a day of fishing at the lake and unwinding which is sung about in the rest of the song. In a way, it’s also an ode to the simple life that’ll make you want to kick back, relax and enjoy the present moment. It’s easily an instant favourite.

On The Boat Again

On The Boat Again is a clever re-invention of the classic Willie Nelson hit, “On The Road Again”. Instead of hitting the road, listeners will be riding the waves this summer with this fresh track. It all comes together in the chorus, ” On the boat again, // Just can’t wait to get on the boat again // The life I love is drinking cold beer with my friends // Yeah, I can’t wait to get on the boat again”. It’s hard not to sing along!

Overall, all four tracks are fun, party songs and evoke feel-good vibes–all of which you’ve come to expect and love from Jake Owen’s music. Fans can also catch Jake playing these songs at this year’s Cavendish Beach Music Festival when he takes the stage on Friday, July 7th. For more information and to purchase your tickets, please visit:


  1. “Hot Truck Beer” (Jordan Fletcher, Jim McCormick, Austin Nivarel)
  2. Go Getter” (Brent Cobb, Jake Mitchell, Aaron Ratiere)
  3. “Solo Solo” (Ashley Gorley, Ben Johnson, Blake Pendergrass, Hunter Phelps)
  4. “On The Boat Again” (Willie Nelson, Devin Dawson, Kyle Fishman, Rocky Block, Blake Pendergrass)
  5. “Hearts and Habits” (Thomas Archer, Jamie Moore, Jared Mullins, Ben Stennis)
  6. “When It All Shakes Out” (Jacob Davis, Jordan Dozzi, Josh Jenkins)
  7. “Hope Less” (Jared Mullins, Ben Stennis)
  8. “It Don’t, He Won’t and You Do” (Jordan Dozzi, Justin Ebach, Chase McGill)
  9. “Friends Don’t Let Friends” (Jessie Jo Dillon, Hunter Phelps, Ben Stennis)
  10. “Boy In The Chevrolet” (Ashley Gorley, Taylor Phillips, Bobby Pinson)
  11. “Shrank” (Lalo Guzman, Walker Hayes, Hunter Phelps)
  12. “Nothing” (Dallas Davidson, Kyle Fishman, Earle Hagen, Reid Haughton, Herbert Spencer, Cole Taylor)*
  13. “Somewhere South With Rum” (Jacob Davis, Jordan Davis, Josh Jenkins, Matt Jenkins)
  14. “The Ending” (Rodney Clawson, Luke Laird, Chris Tompkins)
  15. “Hey Can I Buy You A Beer” (John Byron, Rocky Block, Travis Wood)
  16. “Loose Cannon” (Matt Roy)

All songs produced by Joey Moi

* co-produced by Kyle Fishman

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