Q & A: Rising Country Artist Jessica Sevier Discusses Her Nostalgic New Single, “Legends of the Summer”

Toronto-born vocalist, multi-instrumentalist & rising country artist, Jessica Sevier is kicking off the warm weather season with her new retro-fueled tune, “Legends of the Summer”. A collaboration between the former The Shot: Remastered (2020) contestant and the writers at Sony Music Publishing Nashville, the country-rock track reminisces on past relationships.

Recently, I spoke with Jessica about her start in country music, her latest single and more.

Kyla Pearson: For those who are unfamiliar with you and your music, can you tell us a bit more about how you got your start in music? Why did you decide to pursue country/country-rock music specifically?

Jessica Sevier: Music has always been a part of my life–I have been performing and singing for as long as I can remember. In 2017, I started playing everywhere I could around Toronto and in surrounding towns. Around this time, I also had started to take writing my own music seriously. By 2019, I had finished recording four of my original songs and decided to release “Ghost of Tom”. I was blown away by the response to the song and I never looked back.

My style of music comes from a long list of influences, but John Mellencamp was the artist who truly inspired me to create music and pursue my passion. It sounds funny, but whenever I make music I always think, “Would Bruce Springsteen like this? Would Mellencamp think this is clever?”. So I guess I chose to pursue this style mostly because I find it the most inspiring. Also a little bit because I want these incredible artists to maybe like what I create — if they were to ever hear it.

Kyla Pearson: Your music/signature brand draws influence from the classics & all things vintage. How do you feel that helps set you apart from other artists and/or connect with your audience? Have you found traditional country fans/a broader audience can relate to the feelings of nostalgia your music brings up in listeners because of it?

Jessica Sevier: My brand is so authentically true to who I am as a person and I hope that is what sets me apart. It’s a little look into my personality and I have found that people really connect with that. Some people connect with it because they are also lovers of vintage and others just think it’s kind of cool and different. It definitely attracts eyes – good and bad – however it has been the best creative decision I made – I am so passionate about what I create.

I definitely do think it brings in a broader audience because it is reminiscent of a few different genres. My goal is to create music that not only I relate to, but anyone can. I see that working with this style.

Featured: Rising country artist, Jessica Sevier.

Kyla Pearson: On May 19th, you’re set to release your single, “Legends of the Summer”- Which reminisces on past relationships. It’s also a collaboration between you and the songwriters of Sony Music Publishing Nashville. What made you want to record the song? Can you share with us a bit about the recording process?

Jessica Sevier: When I first heard this song, I instantly fell in love with it. I knew this was the song for me to test the waters of my artistry and push my passion for all things retro. I could hear the final product before we even started. Matt Koebel, who produced this song, instantly heard my vision and it made the whole recording process so easy. Matt and I kept finding new things to put in the song each time we worked on it. The modern and retro layers all worked together so well. The guitar work showcases retro sounds of the ’70s, while the production brings in that modern country feel. Legends came together so easily and I am so proud of all the work we did on this song.

Kyla Pearson: On a related note, how have your time and frequent collaborations with artists & songwriters in Nashville helped you grow as an artist? What is one thing you’ve learned from those experiences that you’re still implementing today?

Jessica Sevier: The creatives in Nashville are truly some of the best. The talent and experience of the people I have collaborated with have pushed me to work harder and refine the way I work in order to get the best results. Working down there has inspired me more than anything. I watch the talent and it inspires me to keep going and keep pursuing the dream. While recording down there for the first time, I learned how to push my creative boundaries. Usually, once I am set on an idea I don’t want to change it. I have learned that experimenting and trying new things is how you make the best art and that is something I will never stop doing. Say yes to trying new things.

Kyla Pearson: According to you, what is the ideal setting for fans to listen to the song in order to fully experience it?

Jessica Sevier: I think the best way to listen to Legends is in the car. Make sure it’s a sunny day, turn the volume up, roll down the windows and get lost in the music.

Kyla Pearson: Your two previous singles, “See You There” & “Confetti” have collectively surpassed 840K+ digital streams on Spotify alone. What has that accomplishment meant for you as an emerging independent artist? Do you hope to replicate the success of those songs with “Legends of the Summer”?

Jessica Sevier: To me, this is an accomplishment I have only dreamed of. Before I released “Confetti” I honestly had started to feel discouraged. I felt like what I was doing wasn’t enough. BUT I had a really good feeling about “Confetti” and the hard work finally felt like it was paying off. The love from “Confetti” just kept coming and transferred into the next release. Although “Legends” is a little bit different from those songs it still seems to have caught some ears and I hope past listeners stay for this tune as well. We have worked this song harder than ever and I hope this brings in new listeners and shows them we are here to make our mark!

Kyla Pearson: What is one goal you hope to achieve with your music by the end of the year?

Jessica Sevier: There are so many things I want to accomplish this year, but I think one thing I want to strive for is possibly starting work on an EP or an album. I have so much I want to create and share, so that is something I would love to put into the works.

Kyla Pearson: Lastly, do you have any upcoming shows where fans can hear you play “Legends of the Summer” live?

Jessica Sevier: Yes! 

Wheatsheaf Tavern- TORONTO-  June 5th at 11 pm EST

CW Coops -BARRIE- June 10th 

The Cameron House- TORONTO -June 16th at 11 pm EST

And more to come!

Listen to "Legends of the Summer" Now:

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