2022 in Review: Darcy Nelson on Her Single, “Bad”, Part of the Official Soundtrack for Short Film, Outlawz

For those who haven't had the opportunity to cross paths with folk singer/songwriter, Darcy Nelson, is a force of positivity and authenticity in the music industry.

Originally from Washington State, she got her musical start in the church. In her teen years, she was encouraged to pursue music by those around her but didn’t make much of it at the time. In her early twenties, she relocated to Colorado for a fresh start personally & professionally. Without an established network or plan, she found herself busking to pay the bills while searching for a job. With some determination, she soon found herself earning from her music. In turn, this helped her realize that she could actually make a career as an artist. She adds, “ Don’t be afraid to be new at something.” (Nelson). Prior, Darcy had been songwriting for 5-6 years. However, it wasn’t until she made the move to Colorado that she found the courage to share her music with the world and explore her full potential as both a songwriter and performing artist.

Last October, Darcy released her latest single, “Bad”–a part of the official motion picture soundtrack for the short film, Outlawz. The film stars, was written, directed & produced by A’Noelle Jackson- a friend of Darcy’s of 5+ years. With the cost of traditional sync placements out of the budget, Darcy offered to write and compose a song for the film instead. She immediately got to work and wrote the song in 15 min– Carefully summarizing the entirety of the 10 min film in the track.

As she shares on the subject, “I’m proud of Bad because it’s different than anything I’ve ever written. It was written specifically for the film Outlawz. So it was a challenge to take on the persona of someone who wasn’t me and deliver it well.” (Nelson). 

In terms of sound, the song strays far from the folk genre she knows well and leans more on the experimental side– with the sound of a high heel hitting the floor replacing the standard drum baseline and thus creating a more omnious tone & reverberations. Later in the song, you can hear a bottle sliding off a table and breaking, which coordinates with the bar fight scene in the film. There’s also the presence of a snap & clap track, which provides contrast with Darcy’s soft vocals. Not to mention the absence of the acoustic guitar, a folk staple. Instead, you can hear a mix of jazz and blues undertones.

According to Darcy, the ideal setting to listen to Bad beyond the film is in the comfort of your own home. As she shares, “If you have a home theatre system, plug it in. Grab a glass of whiskey & sip tequila, or dance around the kitchen.” (Nelson).

In 2023, Darcy plans to release 2-3 singles. So stay tuned for what’s coming up next for this emerging artist.

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