REVIEW: Paige Rutledge Doesn’t Want Anyone “Drinking Alone” With Her Catchy Pop-Country Single

Paige’s contagious positivity and dedication to her craft has garnered her a well-deserved place in the Canadian country music scene.

This past August, the Canadian pop-country singer/songwriter released her single, “Drinking Alone”. Written by Spencer Jordan, Jack Book and Rutledge herself, Drinking Alone is a fun re-invention of the traditional country drinking songs you hear playing on the radio. Sung from the perspective of a woman, the song speaks about friendship and sharing a cold one together to celebrate the highs of life!

The song opens with a fun quote from Paige’s mom, cautioning her to “Never drink alone unless you got a problem”. She also managed to sneak in a lyrical nod to one of her idols, the queen of country herself, Shania Twain. 

As the “Broken Record” singer adds, “We wanted to write a song that everybody can relate to and just feels good while listening to it. Through the unique melodies and captivating lyrics, Drinking Alone does just that.” (Rutledge).

Featured: Official cover art for Paige Rutledge's single, "Drinking Alone".

In regard to the song’s production, Rutledge shares, “We experimented with more contemporary pop-country elements to create a modern country sound that would capture not only country music lovers but also pop music lovers.” (Rutledge). 

The pop-country track also features a tasteful blend of instrumentals from both genres. You can hear a hardy mix of electric and acoustic guitar, as well as the base drums and the banjo. The synthesizer also makes an appearance on the track, adding a fun electronic element. 

Overall, Drinking Alone is a fun song to crank up whether you’re dancing with friends on the bar floor or hosting a weekend get-together with friends.

Evidently, many fans agreed as the song found success across streaming platforms. Drinking Alone was featured on the cover for Amazon Music’s popular “Breakthrough Country” playlist and was added to Spotify’s RADAR playlist (50 Canadian artists to watch, handpicked by our curators – from Spotify). Not to mention the several editorial playlists on both streaming platforms that picked up the song after its release. 

All of which set the perfect foundation for Rutledge’s most recent single release, “Ain’t That Bad”. Listen to the song here:

Listen to Drinking Alone now:



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