2022 in Review: Jordan Riley Talks “Riding High”, His Second iTunes Top 50 Charting Single

Jordan Riley is quickly making a name for himself in the Ontario music scene, thanks to his catchy pop-country anthems.

Immersing himself in the world of music at 13 years old, he began playing Blink-182 songs on guitar like his older brother. In the years after, he had his first live performance at a local bar’s karaoke night, thanks to a nomination from his parents. That spontaneous performance solidified his desire to be a full-time artist — and the rest is history.

After releasing several singles as an independent artists an performing on stages across Ontario for over 15 years, his hard work and dedication finally paid off. In 2021, he earned himself a record deal with Red Brick Country. Last August, Jordan released his second single as a signed artist, “Riding High.” 

Written by Jake Matthews, Riding High is the first song Jordan has cut from another songwriter. As he explains, “I never thought I’d record a song cut by someone else, but the song struck a chord with me. I started the process of doing a demo and the rest fell in place from there.” (Riley).

The song opens with bright and energetic instrumentals, drawing listeners in from the very start. he then goes on to sing about enjoying the summer sunshine and weekend buzz with someone you love– An experience many fans can relate to.

Featured: Official cover art for Jordan Riley's summer anthem, "Riding High".

According to Jordan, the ideal setting to listen to Riding High in order to fully experience it is, “Cruising down the highway.” (Riley). He continues, “It’s a song about love and enjoying the Summer. so the best way to experience it is by listening to it while capturing the fleeting moments of the season.” (Riley). Something fans can look forward to experiencing as the weather starts to warm up. 

Earlier in 2022, Jordan released his hit song, “Somebody’s Gonna”. The song which has surpassed 100K+ streams, ranked amongst the top 15 on the iTunes Charts a mere 11 hours after it was released. In response to the chart-topping single, Jordan shares,

“Every time I release music, I look at that chart. I never thought in my life I would be on that chart. I scrolling one day and I saw my name on the charts. I just kept seeing my name climb and climb, so I started checking it every 25 seconds just to see how high it would go!”

Following up on that success, Riding High went on to chart at #26, earning him two songs in the top #50 iTunes Charts. 

After achieving such a notable milestone, Jordan has set his goals for a prolific 2023 year ahead. “I’m always striving so high, but I don’t want to disappoint myself. This year, I want to play more shows and start doing a lot more of these interviews.”(Riley). He goes on to add, “I really want to make more time for my music. I’d love to have another song chart again & go to the radio. I’m especially grateful for the ongoing support for my music from Sirius XM and Red Brick Country.” (Riley).

Hitting the ground running, Jordan recently released his brand new single, “Made Me”. Listen here: https://spoti.fi/3XPyo1E. 

Listen to "Riding High" Now:


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