Q & A: Canadian Country Artist Jeff Forgeron on his Latest Single, “Cause I’ve Seen You”, Songwriting & his Music Journey

Jeff Forgeron is a Canadian country artist whose music is often described as being “Blue-collar country with an edge”. “Growing up with both Country and Rock influences, it is no surprise to hear the genres authentically come together. The notable heavy drums and distorted rhythmic guitars, mixed with picture-perfect imagery round out Jeff Forgeron’s sound. Forgeron has spent the past few years working on his craft as a songwriter and moulding his unique sound as an artist.” (Forgeron). In 2018, Forgeron released his 5-track EP, “Lookin’ Back”. In the summer of the following year, Forgeron had the opportunity to open for notable country artists, Ray Fulcher (Writer of Luke Combs “When It Rains It Pours”) and CJ Solar (Writer of Jason Aldean’s “I Don’t Drink Anymore”) at Cobourg, Ontario’s 2019 Country Wild Music Festival (Forgeron). In early 2021, he re-emerged on the scene with his Canadian radio-debut single “Raised up on it”, which amassed almost 30K+ streams on Spotify alone. Now Forgeron is back with his second release of the year, “Cause I’ve Seen You”.

Recently I spoke with Forgeron about his latest single, songwriting and his music journey.

Kyla Pearson: Following the success of your single, “Raised up On It” you recently released your single, “Cause I’ve Seen You”. Delivered with your signature, gritter, “blue-collar” country sound, the love song speaks to someone who has found the person has become their world. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the song?

Jeff Forgeron: The inspiration for this song was pretty simple actually. I had found someone I wanted to build a life with and wanted to put that into a song. Now for me personally I don’t normally write your typical “love” songs so I wanted to showcase that feeling of the relationship through my own style. The song talks about how there are some things in life you might not have experienced but that’s alright because finding that person and knowing that person means more than anything else.


 Kyla Pearson: Can you tell us a bit about the songwriting & recording process that went into making the song?

Jeff Forgeron: So I had the idea that I wanted to capture some of the relationship into song so that’s basically where I started. From there I had remembered one of the first weekends we had spent time together and drew from that. Once I had that feeling and idea I wanted to try to put a new spin on a so-called “love” song by sticking to my gritty rockin’ sound instead of a slower softer song. With all that building the foundation of the song I came up with the title and hook “Cause I’ve Seen You” and thinking it would be a cool idea to take things in life that I haven’t experienced yet and coming back to the hook saying it doesn’t really matter if I’ve seen those things “Cause I’ve Seen You”.


Kyla Pearson: When it comes to writing songs, do you find it easier to come up with the melody or the lyrics? What do you think makes a “hit” country song?

Jeff Forgeron: I’d say every song could be different and the idea for each song could start coming from a completely other direction. I’d say for the majority of the songs I write starts with a melody and a first-line idea. Normally I’ll be doing something and a line or two will pop into my head and I’ll sing it out loud giving me a rough melody and idea for a song. Some other times it’ll just start with a title where something in everyday life will just grab my attention. Every new song has the potential to start from almost anything really. And that’s what I love about songwriting, you just never know where or how that idea will come about.

Kyla Pearson: What do you hope to achieve with this new single that you may have not with your previous one? What do you hope fans get out of it?

Jeff Forgeron: I think with this song I want to show the fans and listeners a different side of me that expresses a little more emotion and a more personal side. While at the same time encouraging the overall sound that I am going for musically. It’s always fun releasing and writing those small town roots kinda songs, but every once and a while it’s nice to show what’s going on in your personal life as well. I guess this song is a good way for people to get another look into my life right now.


Kyla Pearson: You’re also a part of the Ontario country music scene. How would you say that has impacted your career and influenced your sound? How does it compare to other country music hubs across the globe?

Jeff Forgeron: I would say for an artist like myself who is still early on in his music career I think being in the Ontario country scene has been a blessing really. The Ontario country scene for the most part is like a big family which is amazing. I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I started down this path but it’s been awesome for me. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming, and as I mentioned about a big family it really is. Everyone who is in the Ontario scene has welcomed me with open arms and I’ve made so many new friends and connections that are amazing. I didn’t know what to really expect with my sound being a little edgier overall but I guess when you’re writing country music in Ontario it doesn’t matter what your style of country is, you’re still of the Ontario country family. I can’t thank everyone enough for that! I haven’t been able to experience many other country music communities mainly because of the situation of the world right now, but from social media and seeing everything online it seems like the country community wherever you are is like a big family.


Kyla Pearson: What has been your most memorable experience being a part of the scene so far?

Jeff Forgeron: I think just the people that I can now call friends is the most memorable thing for me. When I started out I was always writing songs on my own not really knowing the whole other side of it. But as I started to get out there and meet people within the Country scene that has been the best part. So many new friends have come from writing country music and it’s been amazing! And as far as the most memorable experience I’ve been lucky enough to accomplish because of the country scene, is that my first single “Raised Up On It” has officially been picked up by Sirius XM Country and added into their full CBC rotation which is huge for me! Channel 171! Haha. But that relates to the country music scene, because without them and gaining the confidence through them, who knows if I would have even attempted sending my song to radio! So thank you everyone haha

 Featured: Canadian country artist Jeff Forgeron.
Featured: Canadian country artist Jeff Forgeron.

Kyla Pearson: With live music starting to be a reality once again as lockdown restrictions begin to lift, what is one venue or show you’re looking to perform at?

Jeff Forgeron: I think the one that really sticks out for me and probably most Canadian country artists is to play Boots & Hearts. It would be a dream to be able to play that stage. Also, I just want to play a few outdoor festivals wherever I can! And I can’t forget the one that isn’t here in Canada, but I’ve always wanted to play a Whiskey Jam event in Nashville. That would be right up there with Boots in my opinion!


Kyla Pearson: Lastly, what is something your fans may not know about you?

Jeff Forgeron: I am a huuuuge sports guy! And right now the football season is right around the corner and I cannot wait! I’m a Tennessee Titan fan so I’ll be rooting on the boys come game time!


Listen to “Cause of You” Now:


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