INDIE ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: It’s “Just Another Day” for Toronto-Based Artist Zachary Simon With His Latest Single Release

Canada is home to many hidden musical gems, and Toronto-based artist Zachary Simon is one of them.  

Originally from Calgary, AB, Zachary first developed his passion for music in high school, through hip hop & rap. A natural-born communicator, Zachary found a certain power in verbal and musical expression. Later on, this led him to write a song about his grandfather who had dementia. The song received a lot of positive feedback, with many finding comfort in knowing someone understood what they were going though. Which made Zachary realize, “If I do music, this is a way I can connect with people and help them feel understood.” (Simon).  But it wasn’t until a few years later that he decided to give a career in music a serious go.

After pursuing psychology in university, he quickly realized that it wasn’t for him, and paving his own trail as an artist was more attune to who he truly was. So he decided to leave his hometown behind and move to Toronto in order to pursue his music career more seriously– and it’s the place he’s called home ever since. As he elaborates, “The growing Toronto music scene is the river that will help me swim to my goals faster.” (Simon).  As he continues, “While there are good scenes in Montreal and Vancouver, Toronto is the best place to make shit happen. There’s a competitive nature to the city that pushes me to refine my skills and become a better artist.”(Simon).  By the same token, being an artist presents its challenges. For Zachary, he says that the most difficult aspect for him is, “Knowing what message you want to send. It’s so easy to get swept in the wrong thing for the wrong reasons. I often ask myself, ‘How do I keep the music coming from a place to connect with others instead of pushing my personal agenda?’ It’s so important to have a solid understanding of your own identity in order to continuously show up authentically.” (Simon).

Featured: Toronto-based artist Zachary Simon
Featured: Toronto-based artist Zachary Simon.

Strongly influenced by artists like G-Love, Classified, and City and Colour (Simon), Zachary draws melodic inspiration from indie-rock, indie-pop and hip-hop. Paired with impressive lyrical craftsmanship, he shares personal stories delivered with raw honesty and catchy hooks– placing heavy topics such as battles with mental health, lost love and struggles with imposter syndrome under a microscopic lens.

If he could collaborate with one artist who has had a profound impact on his music, it would be the ‘underground’ rapper, Atmosphere (aka Slug). As Zachary enthusiastically explains, “ He’s my biggest hero. He taught me to love lyrics and deliver them with emotion.” (Simon). As he continues, “He made me believe in myself as an artist, as I never believed I had talent in the traditional musical sense.” (Simon). And that very talent  he doubted shines through in his latest track, “Just Another Day”.

The song was inspired by the monotonous days that marked the majority of 2020 thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. With cases rapidly on the rise, fear and lockdown measures left the streets of the once-bustling city of Toronto barren. With the vibrant city losing its liveliness and no set date as to the pandemic would be over, every day seemingly blended into one. This was met with a feeling of hopelessness, elevated anxiety and boredom for many; the exact emotions Zachary highlights in Just Another Day. As he explains, “ I was just going through my days, trying to find a meaning in my life– Always looking for something more in the mundane.” (Simon). 

Albeit, some days were harder to navigate than most–  yet he made the best of this past year by focusing on developing his musical skills and artist identity. Moving forward in the second half of 2021, Zachary is focusing on the next steps to solidify his career as an artist and find new ways to connect with fans both virtually and in person. 

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