Q & A: Toronto-Based Folk Singer-Songwriter Julie Title on her Path to Pursuing Music, Her Latest Single, “Heat Wave” & Her Goals for This Year

Drawing influence from 70s folk and 90s women-powerhouses such as Mazzy Star, Aimee Mann and Fiona Apple, Toronto-based indie-folk singer-songwriter Julie Title’s musical sound is both nostalgic and refreshing. “Her original music has been featured on ABC’s hit TV show “The Fosters” as well as the popular CBC drama “Burden of Truth”. Title’s music has also been featured regularly on the SiriusXM program “North Americana” as well as CBC radio and roots stations across Canada, the US and the UK.” (Title).  Following up her single, “After Sun” from earlier this year, Title has released her latest single, “Heat Wave”. Transporting you under the hot summer sun, Heat Wave share’s Title’s own personal experience with the grief that followed a heartbreak that occurred during the pandemic. Through vivid imagery, she clearly paints the image of the physical and emotional toll the heartbreak took on her, while simultaneously highlighting the difficulty of moving on from her ex. 

Recently, I spoke with Julie Title about her path to pursuing music, her latest single and her goals for this year.

Kyla Pearson: For those who are unfamiliar with your music, can you tell us a bit about your path to pursuing music? What made you want to become a singer-songwriter?

I’ve been singing and writing songs pretty much since I could talk and write. Music has always been a core part of who I am. I found different outlets for it over the years but started to pursue it more seriously while I was in my undergrad. I wrote my first EP at that point and started playing small shows and singing at weddings to make money.  Eventually, I had to choose between going for a graduate degree as I’d always planned or devoting my time to creating a career out of music. Even though it’s been extremely challenging I’m so glad I decided on music.


Kyla Pearson: You’ve also had your music placed on CBC’s TV show ‘Burden of Truth’ and ABC’s ‘The Fosters’. Radio play on CBC radio, Sirius XM North Americana. What has that success meant for you as an artist? What have you learned through those experiences?

It’s been awesome to see my work on television shows. It’s exciting to see how another creator might interpret the music and what mood they create with it. The radio play is also really exciting, especially since CBC and North Americana are so amazingly curated.

Official cover art for Julie Title’s latest single, "Heat Wave".
Official cover art for Julie Title’s latest single, “Heat Wave”.

Kyla Pearson: You recently released your single, “Heat Wave”, which speaks to someone who missing their ex, and is reminded of them in all the little things they do. Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind the song, as well as the songwriting/recording process?

Julie Title: So I went through a breakup during the pandemic which was a very difficult experience. I wrote a bunch of songs about it but this one was just a very authentic look at the grief I was experiencing emotionally and physically. Like the rest of the songs on the album, I recorded this at home and all of the production and other instrument recordings were done remotely with virtual sessions. 


Kyla Pearson: In relation to the song’s theme, why do you think it’s so hard for some to get over an ex? What advice would you give someone who is trying to forget theirs?

Julie Title: I think it’s important to go through the grieving process. Having a solid support system of a few people that can hold space for your sadness is so important. Also – therapy!!


Kyla Pearson: You also released the official video for the song. Can you tell us a bit about the creative direction/inspiration behind the video? What was the filming process like?

Julie Title: This was my first real attempt at making a DIY visualizer and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! There was a limited time frame so I spliced together my shots with stock footage that I felt fit the vibe I was going for. I definitely wanted to recreate that hot, sticky feeling of the air that made the breakup feel so physically burdensome. It happened to be boiling out the day I shot the video so I was seriously sweating! It was super simple – I just grabbed my tripod and biked to the park, filming all sorts of stuff there and on the way. It was a new, fun way for me to be creative which I enjoyed even though I have zero film experience.


Kyla Pearson: With live music starting to be a reality once again as lockdown restrictions begin to lift, what is one venue or show you’re looking to perform at? What live shows do you have coming up that fans can catch?

Julie Title: I’m really excited to play the Burdock! It has such a cozy, intimate vibe and the sound is always incredible. I’ll be sharing upcoming gigs on socials as soon as the dates are finalized.


Kyla Pearson: What is one goal you hope to achieve by the end of the year? Do you plan on releasing new music?

Julie Title: My goal is just to get out there and play as many shows as possible. Being locked inside for a year and a half has been so difficult as a performer, so my main motivation is just to take this new music and finally show people in real life. I have a few more singles to put out in the next few months leading up to the release of my first full-length album in early 2022.


Kyla Pearson: Lastly, what is one thing fans may not know about you?

Julie Title: I’m obsessed with alternative comedy. Tim Robinson and Tim & Eric are definitely my favourites.


Listen to “Heat Wave” now:


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