Playlist Roundup: July Additions to The Coffee Bar Country Playlist

This July, the Coffee Bar Country playlist got a refresh! I’ve put together a list of 5 of the standout additions to the playlist. So sit back, enjoy a freshly brewed coffee and discover some musical gems!

1- Sorrys Don’t Work No More – Brittney Spencer

Tennessee Singer-songwriter Brittney Spencer is known for her storytelling-driven lyrics and moving vocal performances, and her 2020 single “Sorrys Don’t Work No More” is no exception. Taking the form of an open letter apology, the lyrics speak to someone who is seeking forgiveness from their significant other, but it’s far too late to make amends. A true eye-opener, the song incites the listener to reflect on their own actions within their own relationships; to mend fences and change their behaviour before they lose the one they love.

2- Find Me Here- Broke Down – Tucker Beathard

Tucker Beathard’s single, “Find Me Here- Broke Down” will easily get stuck in your head. With a catchy guitar fuelled melody and a raw, emotional vocal performance by Beathard that will cut deep. Through vivid imagery, the song highlights Beathard’s own relationship with God, as he reflects on his life’s choices.


3- Then Again- Mitch Rossell

You can’t go wrong with a Mitch Rossell song. His 2020 single, “Then Again” speaks to someone who is hesitant to commit to the woman they were seeing, feeling relationships are not what they are looking for at the time. Despite this, they still find themselves reminiscing about all the good things about her and the importance she played in their life. Ultimately, this leaves them second-guessing their decision. With an easy-to-follow tempo and laid-back melody, it’s not hard to get lost in the song and think about the one you let slip through your fingers.

4- True Believer- Brett James

Brett James’ “True Believer” doesn’t need all the usual bells and whistles to make this a stellar song. Stripped back to the acoustic guitar, James’ delivers an honest and relatable story of someone who, through thick and thin, will always be in the corner of the one they love. Honest, true love at its best.

5- Sparrow- Ashley McBryde

If asked to name one of the most inspiring women in country music today, Ashley McBryde would be one of them. Her song “Sparrow” shares the price touring artists must pay in order to pursue their dreams and make a living: Leaving their family behind for days, weeks or months on end. That separation from your loved ones can take a hefty emotional tax, as McBryde clearly illustrates in the chorus, “It ain’t fair though, how you miss the ground when you’re out here in the sky.” Moreover, the song is also relatable for non-artists, as many haven’t seen their families and significant others during the majority of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Listen to the Complete Coffee Bar Country Playlist now:


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