REVIEW: Gary Quinn’s “Catch Me”, a Timeless Ode to That ‘Special Someone’ who Keeps you Grounded

Following up the success of “Nobody Somebody” and “Complicated”, 6-time British CMA country artist Gary Quinn is back with the third and final song in his 3 single project, “Catch Me”. 

Co-written with Scott Reeves (‘Made In America’ – Toby Keith) and JP Williams (‘Best Shot – Jimmie Allen’) during a trip to Nashville at the start of 2020,  Catch Me speaks to the one who keeps you grounded, on the right path and helps you get back on your two feet no matter how many times you stumble. As he explains in a release, “The song is about that special someone in your life that knows you inside out, sees when you might be about to make some reckless decisions and is there to guide you away from making a mistake or help you should you fall” (Quinn). This story is packaged into cleverly crafted lyrics that leverage vivid imagery, metaphors and similes to paint the clear image of the recklessness of the protagonist. This is contrasted with the woman in the song, who is more level-headed and errs on the side of caution. Despite their opposing natures, they always have each other’s backs– as is made evident by the recurring lyrical hook, “Catch Me”. Therefore portraying a healthy, supportive dynamic between the two.

The production of the song is equally commendable, with credit going to Richard Alex– who also produced Quinn’s previous two singles. Blending a pop-country sound with blues undertones, Catch Me offers a fresh sound that has universal appeal amongst fans of the country genre. The song opens with an easy flowing, bright and airy electric guitar & pedal steel instrumental medley, which is followed by a smooth transition into the opening line of the first verse. This leads straight into the story Quinn delivers through an intimate, soulful vocal performance. In the chorus, there’s a shift in the tempo and the introduction of the tambourine. Paired together, they cunningly match the rising action in the lyrics, “ When I’m like a freight train, running with no brakes” (0:29). Overall, the song’s relatable storyline, fresh sound and memorable melody, make this single a timeless one that many will sing along to for years to come.


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