Q & A: Brandi Vezina Shares her Mom’s Experience as a Single Mother Through her Latest Single, “Alberta Rose”

Brandi Vezina is an inspiring woman & artist in the country music scene, with a unique sound that blends the best of traditional country, blues and pop. “A natural-born performer from who comes from a musical Métis family” (Vezina), she has performed across Turtle Island (North America) and participated in various festivals and showcases, including being ” a featured artist on Métis Jig & Jam Variety Show on CTV in 2020. Sakihiwe Festival and Recovery Day Live in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 2019 and 2020. Vezina was also selected to showcase in the virtual Diamonds in the Rough Stage during Canadian Country Music week (2020)” (Vezina). In 2020, she released her singles, “John Dillinger Type”  and “Waiting on a Ring”. In early 2021, she released her single, “Danger” (Feat Boogey The Beat)(Read all about it HERE). This June, Brandi followed up Danger with her heartfelt single, “Alberta Rose”. Through a soulful vocal performance and a tasteful blend of instrumentals that highlight the pedal steel, Alberta Rose shares the story of Brandi’s mom’s experience as a single mother. Since its release, the single has been added to several Apple Music playlists, including the I’ve been added to the Boots & Moc Apple Playlist and almost a dozen radio stations.

Recently I spoke with Brandi about her latest single, the official music video for the song and her work as a mindset mentor & coach.

Kyla Pearson: This past June, you released your latest single, “Alberta Rose” — A song that speaks to your mother’s experience as a single mother, coming home pregnant and the lengths she’d go for her child. What was it like to release and share such a personal story for you & your mom with the world?

Brandi Vezina: It’s been really powerful sharing my Mom’s story. So many people have reached out and shared that they can relate to “Alberta Rose” and they have been moved to tears. The release of “Alberta Rose” has been healing for my Mom and I’s relationship.


Kyla Pearson: For this single, you teamed up with Liz Christensen & Sarah Elliot to write it and Murray Pulver to produce it. Can you tell us a bit about the songwriting and recording process behind it?

Brandi Vezina: Liz, Sarah and I met in the Canadian Music Incubator’s AE West. I asked them shortly after the program ended to co-write together. I came in with the idea to write about single mothers and told them my Mom’s story of being a young single mom. “Alberta Rose” beautifully wrote itself. I brought it to Murray and we started pre-production right away, he knew the pedal steel would be an important feature on this track. My steel player, Rory Verbrugge did a really great job on it.


Kyla Pearson: What message do you hope fans will take away from this new single?

Brandi Vezina: I hope my fans take away the importance to listen to you heart and inner knowing. My Mom was young; however, she knew exactly what she wanted and she did it.


Kyla Pearson: Where do you think the best song ideas come from? What is your ideal setting to write?

Brandi Vezina: I think the best stories come from the heart and from a writer’s own experience. At this point, I like writing about what I know. These days, I’m enjoying co-writing. I like to pray and meditate prior to writing, it really helps me channel the ideas I’m meant to write.

Kyla Pearson: You also recently released the official video for the song, which was directed by Taryn Anderson and shot by Damian Frazee and Pedro Balseiro.  Can you tell us a bit about the creative direction/vision behind the video? What was the experience on set like?

Brandi Vezina: It was actually my director Taryn who suggested featuring a picture of my Mom while she was pregnant and having my Mom in the video. Damia, Pedro, Taryn and I are an incredible team. We really work well together and bounce ideas off of one another.  It was meaningful having my Mom in the video. 

Kyla Pearson: With live music starting to be a reality once again as lockdown restrictions begin to lift, what is one venue or show you’re looking to perform at and share your new single?

Brandi Vezina: I want to tour West and plan a show with Liz and Sarah. I can’t wait to play a show with them (we have a brand new song we are currently working on.) It’s going to be smoking.

Kyla Pearson: Beyond your artistry and music career, you also spread light in the world through your work as a mindset mentor & coach. Can you tell us a bit more about that and your upcoming program, “Flourish”?

Brandi Vezina: I love coaching, it truly makes my heart happy. Flourish is a mindset program for women who are wanting to connect to their Higher Self and confidently live their best lives. My group programs are in a Facebook group where there are activities, workbooks, live training and Zoom calls. 

Kyla Pearson: Lastly, what is one thing your fans may not know about you and/or your music?

Brandi Vezina: I have two degrees: Bachelor of Environmental Science and Education. I worked a 9-5 for several years and was not happy. So I got to work and have created a music career I love and am passionate about. I’m thankful to be able to do what I’m passionate about.


Listen to “Alberta Rose” now:

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