Madelyn Victoria on her latest single, “Good at Goodbye”

Family, faith and Texas are at the centre of everything country artist Madelyn Victoria does. 

From the day she was born, music played a large role in the life of San Benito, TX native and country artist Madelyn Victoria. When she was delivered, the health care worker was playing country music for her throughout the room. At an early age, she would sing without noticing she was– as if the songs would just come to her. This natural ability led the young songbird to perform publicly for the first time at 5 years old. In her senior year of high school, she started her first band and performed locally. At 16, she pursued formal vocal training and was cast for Radio Disney. In regards to the opportunity, Madelyn mentions, “I saw what this could bring me. I was named one of the ‘Radio Disney Superstars of Dallas’ and opened for the Jonas Brothers.” (Victoria). When she returned, she knew she had to focus on developing her own, unique sound. Influenced by Shania Twain, Alan Jackson and George Strait she found her niche in neo-country mixed with “Tex-Mex honkytonk soul” (Victoria). Now calling San Antonio, TX home, Madelyn has been passionately sharing her stories through her music for the past decade. In 2018 she released her single, “Right Here With You” which reached the top 15 on the Canadian iTunes charts. This past March, she released her latest single, “Good at Goodbye”— A song she’s been singing for years, but is happy to finally share with her fans across streaming platforms. The song is also an introduction to the stylistic direction she is pursuing with her new music. 

The song itself speaks to how easy it is for someone to walk away from a relationship, while the other person is left with heartbreak, wondering what went wrong. As Madelyn explains, “ Heartbreak can make us happy if we ask why– It’s a time for reflection and a part of life.” (Victoria). Thus, she hopes this song can offer hope and a space for reflection for those who are experiencing heartbreak. Melodically, the song stays true to her neo-country and honkytonk sound- with vivid instrumentals and soulful vocals that contrast the subject conveyed in the lyrics, making Good at Goodbye not your average sad breakup song.

Official cover art for Madelyn Victoria’s latest single, "Good at Goodbye’
Official cover art for Madelyn Victoria’s latest single, “Good at Goodbye’

As for the inspiration behind the song, Madelyn states, “Good at Goodbye isn’t about a specific heartbreak, just a combination of them all.” (Victoria). Additionally, she wanted a really familiar title that was both easy to remember and a cool play on words. That’s when she came up with “Good at Goodbye”, and decided to share her unique twist on the phrase with this song. “I wanted to focus on the questions you ask yourself when the person who ended the relationship is so level-headed. Which I mention in the bridge, “ I want to thank you for hurting me so bad”. I also wanted the song to be something people can dance to and relate to; the emotion you feel at the moment you’re listening to the song will affect your experience and what you focus on.” (Victoria). 

Looking back, this past year has been challenging for many artists in the music industry. For Madelyn, she’s chosen to use this time to work on new music and reflect on her career till today. Recalling the moments in her career that are the most memorable for her, she shares: 

“It’s really hard to choose one moment because everything both good and bad has led me to where I am today. Every step is a learning lesson. Opening up for the legendary Charlie Daniels was a standout for me. We had a great conversation after performing and the advice he had given me with his humble heart is something I still remember today. Anytime I feel like I’ve hit a wall, I think back to that time and it reminds me to never give up. Hearing myself on the radio for the first time, on a local radio station back home, was also pretty big for me since the station covers most of Texas. I also got to play at  Dale Watson’s old bar, the Big T Roadhouse for an amazing event a few years ago. And of course,  Hearing fans at my shows singing along to my songs. I always think, ‘Must be doing something right’ if they are.” (Victoria). 

Besides being an artist and songwriter, Madelyn is the owner and founder of Long Valley Records. As she explained, “One of the main reasons I wanted to start this label was to have some backing for myself and show other industry people that I know how this works. This is something I want to form with my team and really show people this is something I’m serious about and knowledgeable about.” (Victoria). In the years to come, she hopes to become a trusted and recognized label that emerging artists can go to for backing. As she explains, “I want to help others, someone who was in her shoes at one point in time. I’d love for it to be a family business and have it going for years.” (Victoria).

Moving forward in 2021, Madelyn hopes to release her first full-length album by the end of the year or early 2022. However, she’s not married to the projected deadlines. As she explains, “It’s a process. You can’t rush anything or cut corners.” (Victoria). Presently, she is doing some changes to the album, including the final vocals. One of the songs from the album, “Senorita” is dedicated to her culture and her uncle Ray, who recently passed away–One of Madelyn’s biggest fans. Once the album is released, she plans to throw 3 release parties across Texas to celebrate her new music with all her supporters, family and friends. Keep your eyes peeled for teasers Madelyn will be sharing throughout the year, leading to the album’s release.


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