Country Artist Gary Quinn Releases new Single, “Complicated”

“Another shot of whiskey, I’ve seen that look before”, is the opener 6-time British CMA country artist Gary Quinn sings in his latest single, “Complicated.” This opening line sets the tone for the rest of the song, which explores “that age-old story of one person wanting to cross the line of friendship and explore something more in the belief the other person is on the same page.” (Quinn). A situation many have been in at one point in their lives, making this song very relatable. Later on, in the song, there’s the catchy, repeated chorus hook, “Baby stop saying, it’s complicated.” As Quinn explained, “We sometimes make things far too complicated when they don’t have to be” (Quinn). A statement that rings true for many of us, who tend to overthink instead of going after what we desire. Melodically, the song is a slower one, which places more emphasis on the lyrics. In regards to the instrumentals, the acoustic guitar takes centre stage. This lyric & instrumental pairing makes for a more heartfelt and genuine delivery of the story being told.

The song was co-written with Arizona-native Alec Petford, during one of Quinn’s trips to Nashville before the pandemic hit. Richard Alex took the production reins once again on the project having previously delivered ‘Tip Of My Tongue’ in 2019 and most recently ‘Nobody Somebody’.

Official Cover Art for Gary Quinn’s single, “Complicated”. Photo Credit: Sofie Hanson. Courtesy of Gary Quinn.
Official cover art for Gary Quinn’s single, “Complicated”. Photo Credit: Sofie Hanson. Courtesy of Gary Quinn.

Complicated is also the second release of a three-single project Quinn is set to release in the first half of 2021, which followed up his last single, “Nobody Somebody”. The latter reached  “#1 on the UK Country Chart, as well as an add on Apple Music’s “Today’s Country” and Spotify’s “Wild Country”, “New from Nashville” and “Fresh Finds Country” playlists”. Complicated is showing a lot of promise for the artist as well. Within its first week, it garnered 10,000+ streams, a feature on iTunes as one of their “hot songs” and adds to Apple Music’s “New in Country” and “Today’s Country” playlists (Quinn).


Stay tuned for the much-anticipated release of Quinn’s third single release of this project.


Listen to Complicated Now:

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