Canadian Country Artist Jessica Sole Releases Fine Line (Acoustic)

Jessica Sole is a bright, cheerful soul in Canadian country music– and her music is reflective of this.

     Hailing from Caledon, ON, Canadian country artist Jessica Sole has grown up around music. Her father was a musician, and she was inspired to pursue a career as an artist because of him– Playing her first live show when she was 14 years old. She also released her first project in 2016 and has come a long way since.

     Last June, Sole released her EP “Here for the Long Run” and her single “Fine Line”. Now, Sole is wrapping up the year with a new take on her last single, releasing Fine Line (Acoustic). As she mentioned, “This song is my way of saying thank you to my fans for streaming and supporting my music” (Sole). Fine Line was the track off her last EP that resonated with her audience the most, so she worked closely with her managers to release this new version before the holidays.

     Written by Sole herself and produced by Shawn Morris, Fine Line (Acoustic) strays from your traditional country sound. It has a strong piano presence, which is uncommon in the genre and gives this version of Fine Line an entirely different feel. This stylistic choice, as she states, was “inspired by Kacey Musgraves’ song, Rainbow” (Sole). Musgraves is also one of Sole’s principal influences within the genre.

Single Cover Art for Jessica Sole’s latest single, Fine Line (Acoustic). Image courtesy of Jessica Sole.

     The song opens with a beautiful piano instrumental, which sets the tone for the whole song– Which is somewhat melancholic, yet joyful at the same time. This is followed by a strong hook, “There’s a fine line between love and wanting you to save me” (Sole, 0:18-0:23). With just one line, Sole draws the listener in, leaving them anxiously wanting to know where the song goes. And Sole doesn’t disappoint; with strong lyrical imagery paired with the piano, Sole poetically conveys the feelings of doubt/second-guessing oneself someone who’s falling in love experiences, but is afraid to mess things up. Her feelings for them are compared to the effects of whiskey, and how they both go straight to her head. In regards to the story behind the song, Sole said, “Most of my songs are about a personal experience; something people can relate to” (Sole). But this song can easily be about anyone- and that’s the beauty of it. As was Sole’s intention, “At the end of the day, it’s not about the individual, it’s about the fans- what they feel when they listen to the song” (Sole). And Fine Line (Acoustic) is no different.

     While this will be Sole’s last release for the year, she’s been busy working on new songs. As she mentioned, she’s spent a lot of time this past year writing, including co-writing virtually over Zoom & Skype.  Which has been a great way for her to connect with fellow artists while social-distancing. But with the pandemic putting a halt to live gigs, it will be a while before she’ll be able to share these songs in-person with her fans again.

     Speaking of pre-pandemic times, Sole reminisced about her favourite gig. “My favourite gig would have to be a wine tasting festival in Palgrave, ON, called “Wines of the World”. It also took place at a winery and horse farm, which was a great setting to perform at.” While she waits to be able to perform gigs like this again, Sole has been participating in livestreams, including being a recurring guest on the podcast, In the Country with Dave Woods. Sole also attended the 2020 CCMA Awards virtually this year, which she states, “Was a great networking opportunity. It can sometimes be hard to network, but I had participated in a radio tour during CCMA week this year. I met a lot of great people along the way; some attended the CCMAs, which made things easier.” She also had the opportunity to participate in a CCMA songwriter’s round, which was an amazing experience for her.

     Sole is looking forward to 2021 when she plans to release four brand-new singles– ones she can’t wait to share with her audience.


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