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When we’re young, we think we know everything. If only I knew back then what I know now… You can watch the full #BTS video for my song “If I Knew Now” on YouTube! #olderwiser #countrymusic

♬ If I Knew Now - Ty Baynton




Something so exciting happened for Benefits of You on Friday !!! #newmusic #fyp #foryoupage #countrymusic #factorfunded Thank you @CBC Music @siriusxm !!!! #greenscreenvideo #cmao #ccma

♬ original sound - Amberlea Bruch



Calling Alberta home, is country-pop artist, Liz Christensen. Her latest single, “I Really Like You” blends ’80s nostalgic sounds with relatable lyrics that explore the process of catching feelings for someone.  

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Hailing from the province of Ontario, is Canadian Country Artist & 2021 FACTOR grant recipient, Amberlea Bruch. Her unique brand of country skillfully interweaves pop-rock influences with authentic, country storytelling shared through memorable, powerful vocal performances. This particular combination makes her a refreshing voice in the genre and gives her music universal appeal. You can listen to her latest single, “Benefits of You” here.

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