Greg Rider Celebrates Small-Town Country Nights With his Latest Single, “Northern Lights”

Greg Rider is a country artist with vision– If he sets his mind to something, you know he’ll do everything in his power to make it happen. Authentically himself, he isn’t afraid to stray from the norm and push the upper limits of the country genre– which he does lyrically with the themes he addresses in his songs. 

In December 2020, he released his single, “Sixteen Sticks”. Produced by Milano and penned by Adam Bahadursingh and Rider himself, Sixteen Sticks is an emotional tribute song to the 16 lives lost during the bus accident involving the Humboldt Broncos in 2018. The tragic accident left Canadians across the country heartbroken, with many coming together to honour the lives lost on the 3rd anniversary of the event this past April. 

Prior to its release, the song had received a blessing from Tyler Smith, a Humboldt accident survivor who was touched by Rider’s song. Since then, it has quickly become important to the greater hockey community, with many calling it the next “Canadian anthem”. It also has amassed over 200K streams and 750K views on YouTube, as well as hundreds in profits that went to select Canadian charities and families in need. Following the success of Sixteen Sticks, he released his single, “Hockey Dad”– a touching tribute to the late Walter Gretzy. A song which was inspired by a fan who left a comment on one of the artist’s videos, suggesting he write the song.

Official single art for Greg Rider’s single, "Northern Lights".
Official single art for Greg Rider’s single, “Northern Lights”.

This June, the artist traded his skates for bonfires and country nights with friends, with his new single “Northern Lights”– an up-tempo song that opens with a vibrant instrumental arrangement, followed by lyrics that celebrate the small-town, partying, solo cup flipping mayhem many across Canadian small-towns know all too well. Its universal relatability will make many feel nostalgic as they remember the reckless nights spent with friends in their youth, as well as make younger generations eager to make memories of their own out in the countryside.

The song was penned between Canadian country artist Parket Graye & Greg himself over Zoom. As he said in a release, “I was feeling good and wanted to write something to dedicate to all of the Canadians affected by the pandemic.”(Rider). As he continues, “It’s been a tough year for Canadians and with summer upon us, we’re all eagerly waiting for the day when we get to hang out with friends, listen to some music and drink a few too many beers while a bonfire roars in the distance.”(Rider). Now with the lockdown restrictions in many Canadian provinces and live music returning, Northern Lights is quickly becoming the pop-country anthem that is ushering in the return to “normalcy” for his fans. As he states, “”I hope ‘Northern Lights’ becomes Canada’s ‘break-free’ song and an anthem for summer 2021.” (Rider). 

Greg plans to release one more single this summer, which he’ll follow with recording his first EP this fall.


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