Taylor Wilson Set to Release new Project, Marking a Move in a new Stylistic Direction for the Canadian Singer-Songwriter

Instantly recognized for her relatable lyrics and emotionally intimate vocal performances, singer-songwriter Taylor Wilson is quickly making a name for herself in the Ontario country music scene.

From a small town in southern Ontario, is country singer-songwriter Talyor Wilson. As early as age four, this artist could be found giving passionate vocal performances from her grandmother’s coffee table, belting the best of Shania Twain. Later on, she graduated to performing at family functions- happily singing the classics in front of her loved ones, including music from her early artistic influences Dolly Parton, Patsy Cline and Tanya Tucker. In high school, she decided to take a serious go at a career in music, signing up for several musical classes and extracurriculars. During that time, she experienced her first heartbreak, which made her turn to songwriting to help her process and heal. “She quickly learned that she found a drive-in being able to tell a story and express emotion through lyrics and her voice. Wilson then turned the pages of her journals into lyrics and then added music to these songs.” (Wilson). In future years, she taught herself how to play piano and guitar, setting herself up to be a well-rounded artist. 

Featured: Taylor as a young girl performing for her family.
Featured: Taylor as a young girl performing for her family.

In April of 2020, the artist released her debut single, “Don’t Look Pretty”– a co-write between her and former member of Cold Creek County, Jordan Honsinger. The song itself speaks of Taylor’s personal experience with heartbreak and her own healing journey that came after. This year she’s set to release her new project. Providing more details behind it, she explains, “I’ve been pulling from my own life experiences which have really shaped me over the last few years. I want these songs to be brutally honest and really tell my story. Jumping into recording and production, I’m really excited to show more of a sassy fun side to my music too. We have some really fun songs coming out, and on the flip side of that there are some heart-wrenching songs coming as well.” (Wilson). This new project also marks a move in a new stylistic direction for the artist– something she labels as “badass rock country”. Speaking to her reasoning behind the shift:

“Since releasing Don’t Look Pretty, I’ve taken a lot of time to find myself as an artist and worked on shaping my artistic identity. Something that was important to me was to speak my truth and to be unique. Growing up I always really enjoyed listening to both rock and country. As I prepared for this upcoming project, it was important for me to give a little dash of both genres.”

That very dash of both genres is reflected in the artist’s signature look, consisting of black leather and plaid. As she enthusiastically explains the reasoning behind her style:

Plaid has been a staple in my closet since I was a teenager. I’d say literally half of my closet is plaid… the other half is work clothes. Black leather came into play last year when I started finding my identity as an artist. You can easily dress up or dress down with black leather and I love that it just gives off a bit more of an edge.”

Featured: Canadian singer-songwriter Taylor Wilson.
Featured: Canadian singer-songwriter Taylor Wilson.

Looking back, 2020 was a challenging time for many and it especially hit the entertainment and music industry harder than most. Despite the challenges and absence of live gigs marking a significant income loss for many performing artists, Taylor has chosen to focus on the positive takeaway that has come from the period. As she shares:

 “One thing I learned during the pandemic is that it was hard for everybody. It affected the whole world and nobody really knows how to navigate this. Yes, you feel low. But everyone in the world is. If you’re feeling alone, reach out and ask for help. Stay busy. Read and delve into your passions. Take advantage of the time we have. Connect with individuals in the industry. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Moving forward this year, Taylor plans to get back into the studio with Shawn Moore and work on further developing her new sound and new projects. As for a release date, fans will have to hold tight for a little while longer before one is set. As taylor states, “It’s a little early to tell which song will be released as the first single from this project, but I’m excited to let fans dig a little deeper into my heart and also to allow them to see my sassy side shine through.” (Wilson). So be sure to keep your eyes peeled for an official announcement and teasers coming later this year.


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