As Featured on IMDb: Escape From Plauen Book Cover Redesign

While interning at DCTV, I was tasked with recreating the current e-book cover for the war memoir Escape From Plauen by Renate Stoever, to go along with the upcoming televised mini-series adaption of the book.

This is the final design that was chosen by the studio. It was also adapted for distribution on Apple Books, Amazon Kindle and Kobo. The cover features a black & white historical photo from 1945, which depicts the ruins of Plauen, Germany after the WWII bombing of the city. The 3 figures in the photo are Renate Stoever (In blue) & her family. I restored the photo (Both in colour and black & white), then took some creative liberties by adding a dust effect and the blue colour to Stoever’s dress, which was inspired by the girl in the red dress featured on the official key art for Steven Spielberg’s film adaption of Schindler’s List (1993).

It is also featured on IMDb as the official art for the series and reflects one of the first official credits I’ve earned while working in this industry. To view the official IMDb page for the upcoming televised mini-series, click here.

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