The XYZ’s of the ABC Facebook Strategy & How it Can Help Increase your Engagement & Connect with Your Target Audience As an Artist

When it comes to trying to get your work seen on Facebook & other social media platforms, there are several things you must factor in. For example, posting daily at a consistent time will help you expand your audience and increase your engagement at a faster rate. You can even post twice a day, at 8 am and 8 pm (The frequency of your posts and the timing will vary depending on your audience’s activity.). You’ll also need to ensure that you are posting valuable content if you want to grow and connect with your existing audience. A surefire way you can increase your engagement and connect with your audience is through the ABC Facebook Strategy. This strategy outlines the 3 types of content that you can post that will provide value to your audience. Despite its name, this strategy works across all social media platforms & blogs. Here’s a simple breakdown of the strategy:

ABC Facebook Strategy:

A: Content-related to your Business 

Any content that is related to your brand and your music would fall under this category. This could include links to your music, song lyrics, photos from gigs & live performances and giveaways.

B: Industry-Related Content 

Content related to your genre of music or milieu would pertain to this category. So news about a new exciting release by an artist you admire and respect, a new recording studio opening up or an upcoming awards ceremony are all examples of things you could cover. Also, be sure to offer your own unique opinion/comment to go along with the content you’re sharing, especially if you’re reposting content from another account.

C: Non-Industry Related Content + Interesting Content

For the most part, content under this category is not directly related to your work. This content could cover aspects of your everyday life, a trending meme and/or a relevant news topic. This could even be sharing a link to an informative article or another person’s post (With due credit of course). Just heed caution to what you chose to share, as it will be a reflection of you and your brand. So it’s best to steer clear of inappropriate or unprofessional content.

You’ll also want to maintain a 1:3 ratio between A and C type posts if you want to see the best results. Moreover, posting 3-5 posts that conform to this strategy per week will also assist you when it comes to boosting your engagement and establishing your brand as a reputable source of information. Therefore, people will start to seek you and your content out for information, which will ultimately grow your brand.

If you want to go a step further, you can pair said posts with a call to action. At the end of your captions, ask your audience to share their thoughts on the topic. This way, you are increasing your engagement even more and creating the opportunity to connect with your audience on a more personal level than just through likes and follows. Moreover, all likes & comments received during the first 24h of posting can help you rank more favourably in the algorithm and will boost your engagement rate.

Furthermore, by keeping track of how many times you post content that conforms to each of the 3 categories, you can accurately measure which type of content is receiving the most engagement. This way, you know which content you should post more of. I’d suggest measuring how well your content performs on a monthly basis. However, if you post multiple times in a day and several times a week, it might be more beneficial to measure how well your content is performing on a bi-weekly basis.

You can also run a poll to figure out what content is valuable to your audience. You can do so by creating a poll in your post or story. You can even ask several members of your audience directly to see which content they prefer. In addition, you can create a suggestions box in your stories on a suggestions post on your feed asking your audience which topics they’d like you to cover in the future and to comment on any questions they may have.


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